The FIT app

The F.I.T. programs provide you with straightforward exercise, food and lifestyle routines that can transform your body and help you look better and feel better - with lasting results. Amp up your program today with the NEW Forever F.I.T. App.

With the convenient and interactive features available from your smartphone, you can stay motivated, achieve your best results and follow your favorite program wherever you go!

Features include:

  • Challenge and compete with your friends

  • Access your workout routine and follow along from anywhere

  • Track your weight and measurements

  • Find delicious recipes easily

  • Update your water intake with a swipe of a finger

  • Check off your supplements in the interactive schedule

  • Unlock awards

  • and more!

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Start a challenge and invite your customers - you can send them messages of encouragement through the chat, gauge their progress or if they are having any challenges and help them determine what their next step should be after they complete Clean 9, F15 or Vital 5.

The best part? You can have multiple challenges and groups going at one time to encourage your friends, family, downline, different customer groups and more as they take the next step in looking better and feeling better.

Helping others achieve their fitness and nutrition goals has never been easier!

Download the app in the App Store and Google Play Store today.